Summer Vacation

A very nice relaxing small resort. Nice lawn beach. Good place for a family to spend time together. Good place to swim with a few turtles and enjoy the ocean. Small beach, but still a beach. Several grills for cooking out. Great views.


Things to do in Maui

A sunset Maui cruise is an unforgettable experience and the perfect way to end your stay at our Lahaina condo rentals. Take in the spectacular view of the Maui coastline as the winds die down, the heat slowly recedes and the sky overhead changes in color from a blazing blue to softer amber tones, finally transitioning to bright, twinkling stars. As the moon rises over the coast, you’ll want to enjoy yourself further by sampling the delectable snacks or drinks typically available on day and evening cruises in Maui.

If you enjoy Maui activities this kind of evening would be a great top-off to your visit. But before your departure, you should try one of the other boating opportunities available in Maui. Several-day cruises which let you snorkel on the way are available, and a few, such as the Hawaii Dolphin Watch & Snorkel from Maui Classic Charters, let you get closer to a variety of wildlife like fish, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and giant green sea turtles.

In the same spirit as those outings are semi-submersible boats with glass bottoms, like the Reef Dancer. These can give you a view of what you would see snorkeling from a viewing point that’s easier and safer for young children.

Amazing View and Oceanfront!

Private beach, amazing view and oceanfront! Staff very friendly and helpful. Each unit different. Awesome experience! We stayed in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with full kitchen – fully furnished. TV’s in bedrooms and living room – you won’t have time for that! Great place to walk safely in the morning! Amazing vacation stay!


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