Kahana Sunset

Thrilling Sunset Luaus in Lahaina

Lahaina - Kaanapili - Maui, Hawaii

Experiencing luaus in Lahaina is one of the most popular Maui activities that every Maui vacation should have. Dating all the way back to 1819, a luau is a Hawaiian tradition that was started when king Kamehameha II broke the taboos of men and women eating separately and people not of royalty being forbidden to eat certain items. Over time, as these special feasts continued to take place, they began to develop their own traditions of hula dancing, music and a type of food that was always served and gave the luau its name: young taro leaves and chicken baked with coconut milk.

A variety of other foods, some unique to the area, are also served as well: poi, a paste made from corn; poke, a raw fish salad; and haupia, a dessert like gelatin made with coconut milk. Drinks include local selections such as Mai Tai and Blue Hawaii cocktails.

Today, in addition to traditional celebrations like a childís first birthday and high school graduations, luaus are also held as more informal gatherings. Although our Kahana condo rentals donít host onsite luaus there are plenty of places to find one: try the Old Lahaina Luau in Lahaina or Royal Lahaina Luau.

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