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Scuba Diving

Underwater Activities

Immerse yourself in the beauty and adventure of Maui scuba diving! West Maui, known for its warm waters, tropical fish, healthy coral reef formations, underwater caves and diverse marine life, is the ultimate destination for beginner to experienced divers. If you don’t have your diving certification yet, don’t worry; these tranquil waters are an ideal environment for beginners working on their certification.

For the experienced diver, we recommend venturing to Molokini and Lanai. Molokini, one of the most popular and scenic dives in Hawaii, is an extinct volcano providing underwater photography opportunities of coral gardens, inquisitive octopi and swarms of coral fish. On land, Molokini features beautiful drop-offs of over 100 feet. Its coral wall regularly brings wildlife like barracudas and eagle rays to the area.

Fascinating underwater features like lava tubes and coral formations can be found at more than 25 recognized dive sites on the south and west coasts of Lanai. These archways and pinnacles provide a home for turtles, butterflyfish and the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, Hawaii’s state fish. The centerpiece of the area is the Cathedrals, where light can be seen streaming through the lava dome openings.

Such an amazing variety of sites is impossible to fully experience in a single trip. To truly enjoy what Lanai has to offer, we recommend partaking in several two-tank trips. Whichever Maui scuba diving adventure you take, Kahana condo rentals is the one stop shop to all Maui activities.