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Explore Maui on Wheels

One of the best ways to tour Maui is from the seat of a bicycle. Maui biking options include mountain and road bike rentals—paired with the many great biking routes available, this makes for an unforgettable tour of our Hawaiian Island.

Many biking shops can be found across Maui, but if you happen to be staying near or stopping by Lahiana town, you might try West Maui Cycles. With models ranging from road, mountain, tandem, comfort and cruiser bikes, these stores can provide what you need for any kind of biking destination. Rentals decrease in price the longer you rent the bicycles for and each rental includes a helmet, lock, and tire repair pack.

A variety of biking trails are available, too. For starters, double and single back trails of varying lengths and difficulty can be found at the Kula Forest Reserve. Options here include Waiaoka loop, about 3 miles; Wiaoka trail, about 6; and the Mamane, about 1.2.

If you want to knock out two activities at once, you can take advantages of the Haleakala Bike Company’s sunrise special, where you’ll start at Haleakala’s 10,000 ft. summit to watch the sunrise over the crater and then be driven back down to the park’s entrance where you’ll get your bike, helmet, and other gear to start a self-guided biking tour of the park. The check-in time ranges between 3 and 3:30 a.m. depending on the season, but the reward of the sunrise is worth the early wakeup call! Mountain Riders also offers a Maui Sunrise Bike Tour as is their most popular Maui bike tour.

If you prefer road biking for your Maui activity, the Hana Highway from Haiku to Kipahulu is too long to transverse entirely, but an out and back ride according to how you feel can lead to some amazing views. Start from Kipahulu to see the ocean and Haiku for mountain scenery.

If you’re a serious biker and would like to try an all-day ride, a long but mostly smooth route is the 60-mile loop around the entirety of West Maui. On this journey you could stop for meals or sightseeing at any location along the way. Traveling in a counterclockwise direction from your Kahana condo rental to avoid the worst headwinds is recommended.

If you’re a laid back biker or need extra assistance with hills or heading into wind, you may be interested in the Pedego Electric Bikes. These electric bicycles come in a variety of styles that include the comfort cruiser, trail tracker, and tandem. These bikes still allow you to pedal like a normal bicycle but have a built-in electric motor to offer additional assistance with difficult terrain or weather. There is a two hour minimum for rentals but you can also rent these bikes for the entire day.