Kahana Sunset

Majestic Lahaina Horseback Riding

Lahaina - Kaanapili - Maui, Hawaii

Though Maui and Hawaii are most well known for their surfing and other ocean-based activities, there are also plenty of interesting sightseeing locations best explored during Lahaina horseback riding. A few examples are the Pony Express Tours 4 hour descent into Haleakala Crater, Lahaina Stables ventures into the foothills of the West Maui Mountains and Piiholo Ranchs tours through vast pastures and towering Eucalyptus, Koa and Ohia trees.

Horseback Riding

Rides vary by many different factors, and the number of stables available means that you will have plenty of options near your Kahana condo rental to choose from. Picking a ride with a smaller number of people means that, depending on your skill level, you will get more conversation or help from the guide. These rides usually last from about 1 to 3 hours; wearing sunscreen and considering appropriate clothing is recommended.

When booking your Maui activities make sure you reserve a time to check out Makani Olu Ranch; a working cattle ranch located in the West Maui Mountains, has hour to day-long lessons about riding and horsemanship. These lessons, as well as their day or week-long camps, are also extended to children. Franklin Levinson also offers a more philosophical approach to learning about horses with his Maui Horse Whisperer Experience: a full or half-day of interaction with horses, riding is optional.

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